Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Features that Make a Great Cocktail Bar


Many people enjoy going to bars, but cocktail bars appeal to those seeking something special. These are specialist bars that produce and serve specially mixed drinks and appetizers. Although each cocktail bar is different and offers different drinks, some common features distinguish a good cocktail bar from the rest.

Foremost, for a cocktail bar to be great, it must have an attentive staff. When you walk through the bar’s door, pay close attention to how the staff or bartender reacts. The best establishments have a well-trained, courteous staff that promptly greets guests in a welcoming, friendly manner.

While the owner of the place may not always be present, a cocktail bar with a visible proprietor creates an assuring atmosphere. A bar owner who only runs the joint from afar inevitably creates a vibe of disconnect between the patrons and the cocktail bar. When the owner is present, the staff work harder, putting their best foot forward to ensure customers are served well.

Like most bars, a critical deciding factor in a cocktail bar is the atmosphere. Whether it’s a small corner outfit or a big lounge, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed from the time you enter to when you leave. How does the space make you feel? Is the general mood in sync with yours? Other aspects to consider are physical characteristics such as the lighting, d├ęcor, and music. Are all these factors contributing to your overall experience? These are critical questions as the answer will decide whether you will revisit the cocktail bar in the future.

Certain types or categories of customers can add to or take away the overall experience in a cocktail bar. It’s not just how they interact with the staff but with each other. For example, if you are looking to enjoy your cocktail, chat with the barman or friends, rowdy and disruptive patrons will be a major put-off as they can poison the entire space. Look for a cocktail that rhymes with your mood and needs.

A good cocktail should serve not only delicious drinks but also unique ones. Cocktail bars can be found almost anywhere, but one that produces and serves unique and daring cocktails or appetizers is something to desire. You want an establishment that serves good drinks but can also go beyond the standard Gin & Tonic. The flavor alone may not be enough to make a cocktail great; it needs a delicate balance of the elements or ingredients. A good cocktail has a delicate balance between alcoholic strength, bitterness, sweetness, sourness, saltiness, texture, and temperature.

Besides serving great drinks, a good cocktail bar is adventurous and creative. It constantly creates new and unique cocktail recipes that keep bringing back old patrons while attracting new ones through word of mouth.

Although the features described above are the basics when looking for a great cocktail bar, ultimately, you have to trust your judgment. Tastes and preferences differ, but your gut feeling can always be trusted especially if you have visited and sampled other cocktail bars before.

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